About Me

After earning my BFA in Illustration from Columbus College of Art & Design (2016) I worked part-time jobs to keep myself afloat until I got my first job as a Wildlife Designer and Illustrator with the Ohio Division of Wildlife (Early 2017). While I was there I created editorial illustration, page layout design, character designs, informational graphics, as well as large vector illustrations for the ODNR Section of the Ohio State Fair which were used to decorate the external walls of their buildings. It was working there where I found my calling as a Wildlife and Nature Illustrator and Designer. 

After my contract ended with ODOW ended I continued to build my freelance illustration portfolio. In late 2017, after months of working hard, I received an offer for a customer service position at BarkBox. "I thought you were an illustrator?" You say? Well, I bring this up because taking this position actually led me to the next big break in my art career. One of my assigned tasks was to send out hand written cards to customers. We often would receive photos of pets when interacting with clients so I took a little bit of extra time outside of work to hand draw small portraits of the pets to send with those notes I was already mailing. I started to get a lot of positive feedback from our client base which led to the company eventually offering me a fulltime position. I moved from Customer Service to fulltime Portrait Artist within 6 months of starting! I spent nearly 3 amazing years there until 2020.

Where am I now? I'm currently working as a Illustrator and Designer for myself fulltime! I dedicate my time and energy on creating the best experience possible for my clients, who often have just as much love for color and animals, as I do. If you are reading this I'm sure you've also noticed my online store where I express my love for apparel and product design. My passions outside of my jobs also include rock hounding, sandbox videogames, and appreciating all the animals and mushrooms I run across when I take a break outside.

I always have a lot of projects in the works so be sure to follow me on the rest of my journey! 


- Jessica